The Heart Behind Small Groups

At Richland we greatly value being a faith community of hope rooted in Christ’s love. This means we entrust our lives in the hope that Jesus has saved us from our sins, and that we can know the true God personally and apply the bible to our lives. We are rooted in the fact that God loves us infinitely and unconditionally. We come together as a community wanting to live out our faith.

Why Join A Small Group?

Small groups are one of the best ways to join the Richland faith community! In a small group of 4-10 people, you build connections with others who are striving after knowing Jesus better and apply the bible to their lives. Be encouraged and challenged in your faith by your small group. At Richland we have many different types of groups to choose from. See below for a full list and descriptions.

All Ages Small Group

Lead by: Bob Ingram, Steve & Julie Davis

When: Tuesdays 7-8pm

Specifics: This groups focused on gorup style bible studies either going through a book study or book of the bible. Discussion is encouraged and various church leaders will help lead throughout a season.

Location: 60 Pomeroy Rd. (Richland Church Fellowship Hall)

Contact: Contact or Bob Ingram at

Young Professional/Graduate Student Small Group

Lead by: Ian & Lyndsey Klein

When: Wednesdays 7-8pm (dinner provided before)

Specifics: This group focuses on community building and discipleship. Time is taken each week to invest in one another’s lives, time in the bible learning more about Jesus, and lastly time spent applying scripture to our lives.

Location: 7 Roxbury Dr. Athens, OH

Contact: Ian Klein at or 330-575-4241 (text or call)

Sunday School Small Group

Lead by: Various Church Leaders

When: Sundays (following church service at 11am)

Specifics: Group style bible study focusing on deeper biblical analysis for those seeking to dive deeper into the scripture.

Location: 60 Pomeroy Rd (Richland Church Fellowship Hall)

Contact: Email

Men’s Community Small Group

Lead by: Mark Snider

When: Tuesdays at 6:30am

Specifics: A group of men (many from Richland church) gather for breakfast and bible reading. Men’s fellowship for the first time bible reader or experienced. 

Location: Snider Residence

Contact: Mark Snider at or the church office at 

Women’s Community Small Group

Lead by: Rita Snider

When: Thursdays at 12:00pm

Specifics: A group of women gather for community and bible reading. Women’s fellowship for the first time bible reader or experienced.

Location: Snider Residence

Contact: Rita Snider at or the church office at